When Is A Baby’s Brain Develop In The Womb?

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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that a woman undergoes. It is a time where she experiences mixed emotions, from excitement to anxiety, and from anticipation to fear. One of the many concerns that a mother has during the pregnancy is the development of her baby’s brain. When does a baby’s brain develop in the womb? This question often arises in every mother’s mind.

Week 3 of Pregnancy

The development of a baby’s brain starts as early as the third week of pregnancy. At this stage, the neural tube forms, which eventually gives rise to the brain and spinal cord. This vital step in the baby’s development requires a sufficient amount of folic acid in the mother’s diet. Therefore, it is essential to take folic acid supplements before and during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Week 4 of Pregnancy

During the fourth week of pregnancy, the neural tube begins to fold and form into three distinct sections. These sections develop into the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain, which will eventually develop into the different parts of the brain. The neural crest cells also develop, which give rise to the peripheral nervous system, including the sensory and motor neurons.

Week 5 of Pregnancy

By the fifth week of pregnancy, the brain’s basic structure is in place, and the cerebral hemispheres begin to form. These hemispheres develop into the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for critical thinking, sensation, and movement. At this stage, the brainstem and cerebellum also begin to form, which will help in controlling the baby’s breathing, heart rate, and other essential functions.

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Week 8 of Pregnancy

By week eight of pregnancy, the brain continues to develop at a rapid pace. The neurons begin to migrate to their respective positions, and the synapses start to form. The production of neurotransmitters also begins, which are responsible for transmitting signals between neurons. The brain’s lobes, such as the parietal, temporal, occipital, and frontal lobes, also begin to form.

Week 20 of Pregnancy

By week 20 of pregnancy, the baby’s brain has developed significantly. The cerebral cortex’s surface area increases rapidly, and the neurons continue to form connections with each other. The baby can now hear sounds and respond to them, and the brain’s grey matter increases in volume. At this stage, the baby’s brain waves can also be recorded, indicating that the brain is functioning correctly.

Week 32 of Pregnancy

By week 32 of pregnancy, the baby’s brain is fully developed, but it continues to mature until birth and beyond. The baby can now differentiate between light and dark, and the brain’s white matter increases in volume. The baby’s brain is now capable of controlling temperature and breathing. The baby can also recognize familiar voices and respond to them.


In conclusion, a baby’s brain development starts as early as the third week of pregnancy and continues until birth and beyond. The development of the brain is a complex process that requires proper nutrition, such as folic acid, and a healthy environment for the baby to grow. Therefore, it is essential to take care of oneself during pregnancy, eat a healthy diet, and avoid harmful substances to ensure the baby’s proper brain development.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the mother’s lifestyle affect the baby’s brain development?

A: Yes, the mother’s lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs, can affect the baby’s brain development.

Q: Is it safe to take folic acid supplements during pregnancy?

A: Yes, it is safe to take folic acid supplements during pregnancy as it helps in the baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

Q: Can a baby’s brain continue to develop after birth?

A: Yes, a baby’s brain continues to develop after birth and throughout childhood.

Q: Can a baby’s brain be affected by stress during pregnancy?

A: Yes, stress during pregnancy can affect the baby’s brain development, and it is essential to manage stress during pregnancy.

Q: When do babies start to recognize their mother’s voice?

A: Babies can recognize their mother’s voice by the 34th week of pregnancy and respond to it after birth.

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