When Do A Babies Ears Develop?

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As a new parent, you may have many questions about your baby’s development. One of the most common questions is when do a baby’s ears develop? The answer to this question may surprise you! In this blog post, we will explore the development of a baby’s ears and provide you with all the information you need to know.

What You Need To Know

The development of a baby’s ears starts in the womb. At around four weeks gestation, tiny ear buds begin to form on the sides of the head. These ear buds contain the cells that will eventually develop into the inner, middle, and outer ear. By eight weeks gestation, the ears are fully formed and functional.

The Inner Ear

The inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance. It is the first part of the ear to develop and is fully formed by the eighth week of gestation. The inner ear is made up of the cochlea, vestibular system, and semicircular canals. These structures work together to send sound waves to the brain and help with balance.

The Middle Ear

The middle ear is responsible for transmitting sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear. It consists of three tiny bones called the malleus, incus, and stapes. These bones vibrate in response to sound waves, and the vibrations are then transmitted to the inner ear. The middle ear starts to develop around six weeks gestation and is fully formed by the end of the second trimester.

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The Outer Ear

The outer ear is the part of the ear that we can see. It consists of the pinna, ear canal, and eardrum. The outer ear is responsible for collecting sound waves and directing them towards the middle ear. The outer ear starts to develop around week six of gestation and is fully formed by the end of the second trimester.

When Can A Baby Hear?

Although a baby’s ears are fully formed by the end of the second trimester, they cannot hear while they are still in the womb. This is because the ear is not yet connected to the brain. The connections between the ear and the brain start to develop around week 25 of gestation. By week 27, a baby can respond to sound.

What Can A Baby Hear?

A baby’s hearing is not fully developed at birth. They can hear sounds, but their hearing is not as sensitive as an adult’s. A baby can hear their mother’s voice, and they are particularly attuned to high-pitched noises. As a baby grows, their hearing will continue to develop, and they will become more sensitive to a wider range of sounds.


In conclusion, a baby’s ears start to develop in the womb, and they are fully formed by the end of the second trimester. Although babies cannot hear while they are in the womb, they can respond to sound by week 27 of gestation. As a new parent, it is essential to know when a baby’s ears develop and what they can hear. This knowledge will help you to provide the best possible care for your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a baby’s hearing be tested after birth?

A: Yes, a baby’s hearing can be tested shortly after birth. This is called a newborn hearing screening, and it is recommended for all babies.

Q: When should I be concerned about my baby’s hearing?

A: If you notice that your baby is not responding to sound or seems to be having difficulty hearing, you should speak to your child’s pediatrician. They may refer you to an audiologist for further testing.

Q: Can loud noises damage a baby’s hearing?

A: Yes, loud noises can be damaging to a baby’s hearing. It is essential to protect your baby’s ears from loud noises, such as fireworks or loud music.

Q: Can ear infections affect a baby’s hearing?

A: Yes, ear infections can affect a baby’s hearing. It is essential to treat ear infections promptly to prevent any long-term damage to the ears.

Q: When should I start talking to my baby?

A: You can start talking to your baby as soon as they are born. Talking to your baby helps to stimulate their brain and encourages language development.

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