The Fascinating Journey of Baby Hedgehog Development

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If you’re a hedgehog enthusiast or are considering adopting one, it’s essential to understand their development stages. Hedgehogs, also known as “hogs,” are fascinating creatures that go through various developmental phases. In this article, we’ll delve into the different stages of baby hedgehog development, from birth to adulthood.

The First Few Weeks

Once born, baby hedgehogs are blind and deaf, weighing approximately 10-25 grams. They depend entirely on their mother for warmth, nourishment, and protection. Within the first week, their spines start to emerge, and by week two, their eyes and ears open. During this phase, they start to explore their surroundings, crawling around and learning to walk.

Weaning and Socialization

At four weeks old, baby hedgehogs start eating solid foods, like insects and cat food, and begin to wean off their mother’s milk. Socialization starts around five to six weeks, and they become more active and curious about their environment. This stage is critical for teaching them to be comfortable with human touch and interaction.


Around eight weeks, hedgehogs reach adolescence, which is the most challenging phase for owners. It’s when they start to assert their independence and can become more aggressive. They also start to shed their baby quills, which can cause discomfort and itchiness. This stage lasts until they’re about six months old.


Hedgehogs reach adulthood around six months old and can live up to six years in captivity. They become fully independent, but it’s still essential to provide them with a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and mental stimulation. During adulthood, they may have some health issues, such as obesity or dental problems, which require regular check-ups by a veterinarian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can baby hedgehogs survive without their mother?

No, they rely solely on their mother for warmth, nourishment, and protection during their first few weeks.

2. When do baby hedgehogs start to eat solid foods?

Baby hedgehogs start to eat solid foods at four weeks old.

3. Are hedgehogs social animals?

Yes, hedgehogs are social animals and require socialization from an early age.

4. Can hedgehogs be aggressive?

Yes, hedgehogs can become more aggressive during adolescence, which is why proper socialization is crucial.

5. How long do hedgehogs live?

Hedgehogs can live up to six years in captivity.


In conclusion, the development stages of baby hedgehogs are fascinating and worth understanding for anyone who wants to adopt these adorable creatures. From birth to adulthood, hedgehogs require proper care, socialization, and regular vet check-ups to ensure they live happy and healthy lives. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can provide a nurturing environment for your beloved hedgehog.

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