How A Baby Kangaroo Eats While Developing

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If you have ever seen a baby kangaroo, also known as a joey, you may have wondered how they eat while still developing inside their mother’s pouch. It’s a fascinating process that is unique to marsupials like kangaroos, and it’s worth exploring in more detail.

The Pouch

The first thing to understand is that kangaroos have a specialized pouch that is located on the front of the mother’s body. This pouch is where the joey spends the first few months of its life, and it’s where it receives all of its nourishment.

The Development Process

When a baby kangaroo is born, it is only about the size of a jellybean. It is completely undeveloped and helpless, and it must crawl from the birth canal to the pouch on its own. Once inside the pouch, it attaches itself to one of the mother’s nipples and begins to feed.

The Feeding Process

The way that a baby kangaroo feeds is quite fascinating. It doesn’t suckle like a human baby or a calf. Instead, it uses its powerful jaw muscles to latch onto the nipple and massage it. This stimulates the milk to flow, and the joey swallows it as it comes.

The Milk

The milk that a kangaroo produces is quite different from the milk produced by other mammals. It is high in fat and protein, which is necessary for the joey’s rapid growth and development. In fact, kangaroo milk is so nutrient-rich that it is being studied as a potential food source for humans in the future.

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The Weaning Process

After several months of feeding in the pouch, the joey becomes strong enough to venture out on its own. It will continue to nurse for a while longer, but it will also start to eat solid food. Eventually, it will be weaned completely and will no longer need its mother’s milk.


The process of how a baby kangaroo eats while developing is truly remarkable. It’s amazing to think that these tiny creatures can survive and thrive inside their mother’s pouch, relying on nothing but her milk for nourishment. As we continue to study the biology of marsupials like kangaroos, we may learn even more about this fascinating process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long do baby kangaroos stay in their mother’s pouch?
  • A: Baby kangaroos usually stay in their mother’s pouch for about 6-8 months.
  • Q: What happens if a baby kangaroo falls out of its mother’s pouch?
  • A: If a baby kangaroo falls out of its mother’s pouch, it is at great risk of injury or death. The mother may not be able to find it, and it may not be strong enough to survive on its own.
  • Q: How often do baby kangaroos feed?
  • A: Baby kangaroos feed frequently, usually every few hours. This is necessary for their rapid growth and development.
  • Q: Can a kangaroo produce milk for multiple joeys at once?
  • A: Yes, a kangaroo can produce milk for multiple joeys at once. This is because they have multiple nipples, each with its own milk supply.
  • Q: What happens to the pouch after the joey has left?
  • A: The pouch will eventually shrink back to its normal size, and the mother will be ready to carry another joey when the time comes.
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