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Kangaroos are fascinating creatures, and the development of their young is just as interesting. Baby kangaroos are called joeys, and they are born after just a month-long gestational period. However, their development doesn’t stop at birth, and joeys have a long journey ahead of them before they become independent.

Birth and Early Development

At birth, joeys are tiny, measuring only two centimeters in length and weighing about 0.75 grams. They are blind, hairless, and completely dependent on their mother. When they are born, they climb from the birth canal into their mother’s pouch, where they attach to a teat and start to feed. They will remain in the pouch for the next six to eight months, growing and developing until they are ready to leave.

The Pouch Period

The pouch is a warm, cozy environment that provides everything the joey needs to grow and develop. The teats provide milk, and the pouch protects the joey from the outside world. During this period, the joey will undergo rapid growth and development, gaining weight and growing fur. They will also develop strong legs and feet, which they will use to hop around once they leave the pouch.

Emerging from the Pouch

When the joey is around six to eight months old, it will start to venture out of the pouch and explore the world around it. At first, it will only be able to take short hops before returning to the safety of its mother’s pouch. However, over time, it will become more confident and start to explore further afield.

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When the joey is around 12 months old, it will be fully weaned and ready to leave the pouch for good. At this point, it will be able to hop and run confidently, and it will start to explore the world on its own. However, it will still stay close to its mother for several months, learning important skills like how to find food and water.


The development of baby kangaroos is a long and fascinating process. From their tiny size at birth to their eventual independence, joeys go through many stages of growth and development before they become adult kangaroos. It’s no wonder that these amazing creatures have captured our imaginations for so long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do baby kangaroos stay in the pouch?

A: Baby kangaroos stay in the pouch for around six to eight months.

Q: How long does it take for a baby kangaroo to become independent?

A: Baby kangaroos become fully independent at around 12 months old.

Q: Are baby kangaroos born blind?

A: Yes, baby kangaroos are born blind and hairless.

Q: How much do baby kangaroos weigh at birth?

A: Baby kangaroos weigh around 0.75 grams at birth.

Q: Can baby kangaroos walk?

A: No, baby kangaroos cannot walk at birth. They are only able to crawl into their mother’s pouch.

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