Baby Development Milestones 5 Months

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Congratulations! Your little one has reached the 5-month milestone. This month, there are many new things you can expect to see in your baby’s development. Here are the most common milestones you should be looking out for:

Physical Milestones

At 5 months, your baby is learning to use their hands and arms. They will start to reach for and grab objects, bring their hands to their mouth, and move objects from one hand to the other. Their head control is improving, and they can hold it steady for longer periods while sitting up. Your baby may begin to sit up with support and roll from their back to their tummy.

Cognitive Milestones

Your baby’s cognitive abilities are developing in numerous ways. They are starting to understand object permanence, which means they know that an object still exists even if it’s out of sight. They will also start to recognize familiar faces and voices, and may even respond to their name being called.

Language Milestones

While your baby is still not speaking, they are starting to understand language. They can recognize their name and simple words like “mom” and “dad”. They will also start to make babbling sounds and may even start to imitate the sounds you make.

Social and Emotional Milestones

Your baby is quickly learning about their emotions, and you may notice that they cry less often and smile more often. They are starting to enjoy social interactions and may even become clingy to familiar people. Their sense of humor is also developing, and they may start to laugh at silly faces and sounds.

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Feeding Milestones

Your baby’s feeding habits will change as they grow. They may start to show an interest in solid foods, although it is best to wait until 6 months before introducing anything other than breast milk or formula. They will also start to drink more milk, and may start to sleep through the night with fewer feedings.


This is a fun and exciting time in your baby’s development. Remember that all babies develop at different rates, so do not be alarmed if your baby is not quite hitting all of these milestones yet. If you have any concerns about your baby’s development, speak to your pediatrician for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should my baby start sitting up?

A: Most babies start sitting up with support around 4-6 months, but every baby develops at their own pace.

Q: When should I start introducing solid foods?

A: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until 6 months to introduce solid foods.

Q: How many feedings should my 5-month-old baby have in a day?

A: Most 5-month-old babies will still need around 4-6 feedings per day, but every baby is different.

Q: When will my baby start to crawl?

A: Some babies start crawling as early as 6 months, while others may not crawl until 10 months or later.

Q: Should I be concerned if my baby is not hitting all of these milestones?

A: Not necessarily. All babies develop at different rates, so it is important to speak to your pediatrician if you have concerns about your baby’s development.

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