Baby Development Milestone Timeline


As a new parent, it’s natural to be curious about your baby’s development. You may wonder when they will sit up, crawl or walk. Understanding your baby’s developmental milestone timeline can help you monitor their progress and ensure they are meeting their developmental goals.

0-3 Months

During the first three months of life, babies are still getting used to the world around them. They will spend most of their time sleeping, eating and being cuddled. At this stage, your baby will be able to lift their head briefly while lying on their stomach, grasp objects that are placed in their hand, and recognize familiar faces and voices.

4-6 Months

Between four and six months, babies begin to develop stronger control over their movements. They may be able to roll over, sit up with support, and reach for objects. They will also start babbling and making more sounds.

7-9 Months

At this stage, your baby will become more mobile. They may start crawling, pulling themselves up to stand, and cruising around furniture. They will be able to understand simple words like “no” and may even start saying a few words like “mama” or “dada.”

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10-12 Months

Between ten and twelve months, babies hit some major milestones. They can usually stand on their own, take a few steps, and may even start walking. They will be able to say a few words and communicate through gestures.


The baby developmental milestone timeline is a helpful guide for parents who want to monitor their baby’s progress. It’s essential to remember that each baby develops at their own pace and may hit milestones at different times. If you have concerns about your baby’s development, don’t hesitate to speak with your healthcare provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my baby doesn’t hit a milestone on time?

A: Every baby is different, and some may hit milestones later than others. If you have concerns about your baby’s development, speak with your healthcare provider.

Q: How can I help my baby reach their developmental milestones?

A: You can help your baby reach their developmental milestones by providing a safe and stimulating environment. Encourage them to play with toys, read to them, and provide plenty of tummy time to help build their strength.

Q: Is it normal for babies to reach milestones ahead of schedule?

A: Yes, it’s not uncommon for babies to reach milestones ahead of schedule. Each baby develops at their own pace, and some may hit milestones earlier than others.

Q: What if I miss a milestone?

A: If you miss a milestone, don’t panic. Continue to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your baby, and speak with your healthcare provider if you have concerns.

Q: Can premature babies reach milestones on time?

A: Premature babies may hit milestones later than full-term babies, but they can still reach their developmental goals with appropriate care and support.

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