5 Month Old Baby Development

5-month-old baby playing with toys

Motor Skills

By 5 months old, your baby is becoming more and more mobile. They may be able to roll from their back to their front, and vice versa. They may also be able to sit up with some support. Your baby’s hand-eye coordination is improving, and they can now reach out and grab objects with ease. They may also be able to bring their hands together and explore objects with their mouth.

5-month-old baby rolling over

Social Skills

Your baby is becoming more social by 5 months old. They may smile and laugh at familiar faces, and show interest in new people. Your baby may also start to recognize their own name and respond to it. They may also start to babble and make different sounds, which is the start of their language development.

5-month-old baby laughing

Cognitive Abilities

By 5 months old, your baby’s cognitive abilities are developing rapidly. They may start to recognize familiar faces and objects, and they may show interest in new and unfamiliar things. Your baby may also start to understand simple cause-and-effect relationships, such as the fact that crying leads to being comforted. They may also start to anticipate certain events, such as being fed or taken out of their crib.

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5-month-old baby learning


Your baby’s feeding habits may change slightly by 5 months old. They may start to drink less milk or formula, and may be ready to start solid foods. Talk to your pediatrician about when to start introducing solid foods, and what types of foods to start with. Your baby may also start to show preferences for certain types of foods, and may start to reach out and grab food from your plate.

5-month-old baby eating


By 5 months old, your baby should be sleeping for longer stretches at night, and taking more regular naps during the day. However, every baby is different, and some may still wake up frequently at night. Talk to your pediatrician if you’re concerned about your baby’s sleeping habits, or if you need help establishing a sleep routine.

5-month-old baby sleeping

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should my 5-month-old baby weigh?

The average weight for a 5-month-old baby is between 13 and 16 pounds.

When should my baby start crawling?

Most babies start crawling between 6 and 10 months old.

What types of solid foods can I introduce to my baby?

Start with single-ingredient foods like rice cereal, pureed fruits and vegetables, and mashed bananas.

How many naps should my 5-month-old baby take?

Most 5-month-old babies take 3 naps a day, totaling about 3 to 5 hours of daytime sleep.

When should I be concerned about my baby’s development?

If you’re concerned about your baby’s development, talk to your pediatrician. They can assess your baby’s development and provide guidance if needed.

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