14 Month Old Baby Development Milestones

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Physical Development

By the time your little one is 14 months old, they will be on their feet most of the time! They will be able to walk around confidently, and may even be starting to run. Their coordination will be improving, and they will be able to do things like stack blocks and turn the pages of a book with greater precision.

They will also be developing fine motor skills, and will be able to pick up small objects with their thumb and forefinger, known as the ‘pincer grasp’. This means they will be able to feed themselves with finger foods and start to experiment with holding a spoon.

Language Development

At this age, your baby will be able to understand more than they can say. They will be able to follow simple instructions, such as ‘come here’ or ‘give me the ball’. They will also be able to say a few simple words themselves, like ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.

Their vocabulary will be expanding rapidly, and they will be able to say a few more words than before, although they may not be completely clear. They will also be starting to use gestures to communicate, such as pointing or shaking their head to say ‘no’.

Social and Emotional Development

Your 14-month-old baby will be getting more and more sociable, and will enjoy interacting with you and other children. They will love playing games like peekaboo and will start to understand the concept of taking turns.

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They will also be becoming more independent and will want to do things for themselves like feeding and dressing. This is a normal part of development, but it can be frustrating for parents who are used to doing everything for their baby!

Cognitive Development

Your baby’s cognitive skills will be improving rapidly at this age. They will be able to remember simple things for a short time, such as where their favorite toy is kept. They will also be able to problem-solve a little, and may be able to figure out how to stack blocks or put toys back in their box.

They will be very curious about the world around them, and will love exploring new things. They will want to touch and taste everything, so make sure your home is baby-proofed and safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my 14-month-old be eating?

Your baby should be eating a variety of foods at this age, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein sources like meat, fish, and beans. They should also be getting lots of healthy fats, such as those found in avocado and olive oil.

How much sleep should my 14-month-old be getting?

Most babies this age will need around 12-14 hours of sleep per day, including naps. They may be transitioning to one nap a day instead of two, but this can vary from baby to baby.

When should I start potty training my 14-month-old?

Most experts recommend waiting until your baby is at least 2 years old before starting potty training. However, you can start introducing the concept by letting them sit on a potty or toilet seat and gradually getting them used to the idea.

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How can I encourage my 14-month-old’s development?

The best thing you can do to encourage your baby’s development is to provide lots of opportunities for play and exploration. Allow them to explore different textures, shapes, and colors, and engage in lots of interactive play with them. Reading to your baby is also a great way to encourage language development.

What should I do if I’m concerned about my 14-month-old’s development?

If you have concerns about your baby’s development, it’s always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician. They can help assess your baby’s development and recommend any additional support or resources if needed.

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