11 Month Baby Development In Tamil: What To Expect


As a parent, it’s natural to be curious about your baby’s growth and development. Your baby’s first year is a time of incredible growth and development, and by the time your baby reaches 11 months, you might be amazed at how much your baby has grown and changed in such a short amount of time.

Gross Motor Development

At 11 months, your baby is likely crawling, cruising, and trying to stand alone. Your baby is also developing the coordination and strength necessary to take those first steps. Encouraging your baby to crawl, pull up, and cruise around furniture can help develop their gross motor skills and prepare them for walking.

Fine Motor Development

Your baby’s fine motor skills are also improving. By 11 months, your baby may be able to pick up small objects with their thumb and forefinger, and may even start to point at objects that they want. Encouraging your baby to play with toys that require manipulation can help improve their fine motor skills.

Language Development

Your 11-month-old is likely starting to understand a number of words, and may even be able to say a few words themselves. Encourage your baby’s language development by talking to them often, pointing out objects, and reading books together.

Social Development

At 11 months, your baby is exploring their environment and learning about the world around them. Your baby is likely developing strong attachments to familiar caregivers and may become anxious or upset when separated from them. Encouraging your baby’s social development by providing plenty of social interactions can help them develop important social skills.

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Cognitive Development

Your baby’s cognitive development is also improving at 11 months. They may be able to understand simple cause-and-effect relationships, and may also be developing a sense of object permanence. Encouraging your baby’s cognitive development by providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery can help them learn about their environment and develop important cognitive skills.


By 11 months, your baby has come a long way in their development. Encouraging your baby’s gross and fine motor skills, language development, social development, and cognitive development can help them continue to grow and thrive. Remember to provide plenty of love and support as your baby continues to grow and develop.

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